About me

I'm Marcus, a freelance software developer living near Berlin.

I'm interested in free software and decentralized, open communication. I have experience working with embedded Linux systems. Both in a commercial automotive context as well as the Android Open Source Project.

Since 2016 I'm involved in the F-Droid project. I maintain various apps there and contribute to client, server and infrastructure.

Currently not being continued, take a look at UnifiedPush On hold, looking for funding or more free-time I have been working on designing and implementing a free and distributed alternative to the centralized and proprietary Google/Firebase cloud messaging system. This project was funded in the 5th round of Prototype Fund. The Prototype Fund is a funding program by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project homepage currently lives here.

I package some things for Arch Linux (AUR).

Ocassionally I participate in the Ludum Dare game jam. You'll find my past entries here.

Talks, etc.


Other things

  • A List of things that I run here: Services
  • Some notes about various topics. This is rarely updated: Articles